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free shipping by DHL 400 holes Manual Capsule Filling machine with Tamping Tool

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400 holes Manual Capsule Filler with Tamping Tool


Product description

(high quality)
Material: plexiglass
Capsule Sze Option: 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#. 
Cavity: 400
Capacity (pcs/time):400
Control Mode: manual
Application: capsule


1. Body plate
2. Director plate
3. Cap plate
4. Middle plate
5. Scoop
6, tamping tool



100 (holes): 10×10

187 (holes): 11X17

209 (holes): 11X19

400 (holes): 16X25

Capsule Sze Option: 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#.


1, Take the cap sheet. Place it on a clean, dry surface.
2,  Place the encapsulation sheet on top of the cap sheet using the black pegs to fix it correctly in place.
3, Pour capsule tops into the encapsulation sheet and, using a circular motion, gently shake the tops into the holes. While doing this,  cover the gap in the wall of the encapsulation sheet with one hand to avoid spilling the tops.
4, When the holes are filled pour out the excess tops.
5, Remove the encapsulation sheet and put the filled cap sheet to one side.
6, Now take the bottom sheet.  Fix the encapsulation sheet to the bottom sheet, using the black pegs to fix it correctly in place.
7, Pour bottoms into the encapsulation sheet and shake as before to fill the holes. Pour off excess bottoms.
8, Remove the filled encapsulation sheet and put it carefully to one side.
9, Pour a scoop of powder filler onto the bottom sheet and use the spreader to fill the bottoms.
10, If the bottoms are not filled enough, use the tamping tool to compress the fillings and repeat the previous procedure.
11, Remove the tamping tool and put it and the spreader to one side.
12, Take the filled cap sheet and place the middle sheet on top using the black pegs to fit it correctly in place.
13, Turn the cap sheet / middle sheet over and fix to the bottom sheet.
Using both hands and equal pressure, press down once to fit both parts of the capsule together.


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